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New client consultations-

All consultations are conducted on Whatsapp. The reason for this, is for us to be able to determine the most suitable service for you. It will also include a discussion on the type of hair you would like. It allows you to ask any questions you may have regarding a service. Please read through our services before making an inquiry. ALL NEW CLIENTS MUST BOOK A CONSULTATION BEFORE BOOKING (ALL SERVICES). IF YOU BOOK WITHOUT HAVING  CONSULTATION, YOUR APPOINTMENT WILL BE CANCELLED. YOU WILL NOT RECEIVE A REFUND.

Please allow up to 24- 48 hours for a response

Consultations are answered between 10am- 7pm (Tuesday- Saturday)

Please do not attempt to call us using the number provided on the WhatsApp platform as it it strictly for a message consultation. We will not answer.


  • You must be over the age of 16 to book an appointment with us.
  • £30 non-refundable deposit
  • Confirmation email once booked
  • Remaining balance to be paid in cash or card payment.
  • Please make sure to use any applicable discount codes BEFORE you complete your booking. Any discount codes will not be applicable after your booking has been completed.
  • Please make sure that you arrive with your natural hair out of any existing installs/ styles. Your hair must be tangle- free and ready to be washed if not, you may be charged an extra fee of £30 or appointment may be cancelled depending on time or severity.
  • Your appointment will be cancelled if you provide us with non- HUMAN HAIR/ synthetic hair.

If you proceed to book, you agree to these terms


  • You cannot reschedule less than 48 hours before your scheduled appointment. Your appointment will be cancelled, and you will be charged 50% of your remaining balance.
  • You are allowed to reschedule your appointment once for free. After this , you will be charged £20 each time you choose to reschedule. You are allowed up to 3 reschedules.

If you proceed to book, you agree to these terms

Change of service

Please call or email or message us (WhatsApp) if you would like to change your service. Please note that changes are subject availability.

If you proceed to book, you agree to these terms


  • If for whatever reason YOU choose to cancel your appointment, you will not receive a refund for your deposit.
  • If you cancel less than 48 hours before your scheduled appointment, you will be charged 50% of your remaining balance.
  • If we cancel your appointment, your deposit will be refunded if you choose not to reschedule (does not apply if cancellation was due to lateness or provided wrong hair etc).

If you proceed to book, you agree to these terms

Lateness (strict)

  • If you arrive to your appointment 20 minutes late, your appointment will be cancelled with no exceptions. You will NOT receive a refund for your deposit. We will not accept any requests for extra charges to prevent cancellation. You will need to book a new appointment using a new deposit.
  • If you are 15 late, you are required to pay a late fee of £15
  • If we are responsible for lateness of up to 15 Minutes, we will deduct £15 from your remaining balance.

If you proceed to book, you agree to these terms

Plus one’s

  • You can bring one person above the age of 16 with you to your appointment- No infants or children

If you proceed to book, you agree to these terms

Do I need to provide my hair in advance?

No, you do not need to provide your hair before hand unless you choose to use our colouring services.

Can I bring a wig that has been previously customised/installed by myself or another hairstylist?

No, you can’t provide a wig that was previously installed/ customised by yourself or another hairstylist.

How should I prepare for my appointment?

All our services include a wash& blow-dry before installation, so all you need to do is arrive with your natural hair tangle free ready to be washed. You can come with your hair washed and properly blow- dried beforehand however this will NOT be deducted from full price.

How do I know if my lace/ hair is meets the requirements?

Your lace meets the requirements if you put it to your forehead and it matches your skin tone or is lighter and is not dense. If the lace is darker than your skin tone, it won’t be accepted. your hair meets the requirements if it is human hair and it doesn’t melt/ burn when heat is applied (180-230degrees). please test your hair beforehand.

Can I book a Microlinks appointment without having a consultation?

New clients would need to have a consultation with us for any treatments and services that require your hair to be left out.

Can I get my hair coloured and a texture release at the same time?

Unfortunately, you can’t get a colour and texture release done on the same day. You would have to have to get the texture release done first and then wait 3-4 days before getting a colour service.

Can I get a texture release and hair extensions done on the same day?

Yes, please let us know in your consultation if you require hair from us.

What is the difference between a silk press and a texture release?

A silk press is a method of straightening your natural hair without any chemicals. simply done by using purifying, nourishing, conditioning shampoos, and hair mask then blow-dried and then straightened to achieve a smooth silky finish. A texture release is heat activated with amino acids and conditioning agents which penetrate the hair fibres which makes the hair super soft silky and shiny. it is also allowing the hair to be more manageable. Lasts 3-5 months depending on how many times you wash your hair